Monday, July 18, 2016

MINUTES, July 12,2016

Minutes, July 12,2016
Members present:
Amy Lacoste
Aaron Davis
Connie Robinette
Virginia Winn
Victor Gascon
John Wetzel
Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
Marguerite Frongillo
Natalie Weston
The meeting began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting.
The treasurers report was given.  It was also heavily discussed, as we lost about $900 in the last season.  This included discussions of various numbers such as "average cost per dancer", and more particularly, how to stop the loss of dollars to our organization.
We decided that at each dance, we will try to obtain a rough count of new and experienced dancers.  This will be done by a caller or other available person at mid dance, using a show of hands, and is not to be added to the workload of those working the door.
It was formally decided that we will terminate the use of "get in free" coupons. 
It was formally decided that we will terminate the selling of prepaid tickets.
There was some discussion of using meetup groups as a way to bring in more dancers.
It was formally decided to take no other actions (such as raising prices) for six months, while we see how things are going. 
This allowed us to finish with the treasurers report.
The agenda items New Reimbursements, Reports from last dance, and Mailing lists were dealt with very quickly (nothing much to discuss).
Fred brought up that there was interest in electronic/computer payments for people who do not carry cash.  This was discussed.  Victor agreed to look into the technical aspects of this.  There seemed to be general agreement that we could probably pull this off, providing that users of this method of payment would probably have to pay a one dollar surcharge to cover costs of the transaction.  BUT it would take time (and create problems for the door workers because of that).
We had a brief discussion about the continued search for potential board members.  No one had any people to suggest.
The latest draft of the mission statement was read twice, discussed briefly, and formally accepted by vote with no changes.  Our now official mission statement is as follows:
"Our mission is to encourage the growth and development of traditional music and dance in the South Carolina Midlands.  We do this by hosting contradances and live music events; by building community through teaching and demonstration of traditional dance forms; and by promoting events in the Columbia area."
We briefly discussed out summer schedule.
We were going to table all remaining agenda items for the future, but first we had a brief discussion of Aaron's proposed video.  We then tabled the rest of the agenda to be handled at future meetings.

The tabled (deferred) agenda items are:
  Aaron, contra dance video
  Links to dance videos on website (Tims idea)
  Posting our dances on dance related facebook sites (Poonam)
  Using meetup groups (although we discussed those today somewhat)
  Midlands Gives (Join as a promotional opportunity, Connie)
  Sell old speakers?
  Liability Insurance
  Website update (mostly other events)
The next meeting will be held on September13, 2016
People started yawning and the meeting was adjourned.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minutes 05/10/2016

Minutes, May 10, 2016
Board Members present  (** denotes new members to be voted in at this meeting)
Amy Lacoste **
Aaron Davis **
Connie Robinette
Virginia Wynn
Victor Gascon
John Wetzel
Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
Poonam Dhull
The meeting began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting.
Virgina delivered the treasurers report, which was an abbreviated process owing to her not being able to print out anything, due to a fried computer. 
We lost about $85?? at the last dance (I did not record exact amount).
John Submitted receipts for a $30 expenditure to get an amplifier channel repaired (peavy power amp owned by COTMD).
Victor stated (on behalf of Marguerite who was not present) that the signing up of bands for the next season is almost complete, and signing up of callers is going pretty well.
We then held our election to elect officers and members at large.  All officers and members present at the meeting agreed to serve another year, and we therefore voted for all existing officers and members to continue in their present positions, with the caveat that any officers (Marguerite) and members (Jonathan, Natalie and Tim) not present at this meeting retain the right to refuse to serve in those positions.  Fred indicated that he and Dianne might not be able to serve on the board after the next season, this being intended as an early warning of that possibility.
There was extensive discussion of the Mission/Vision statement.  The result of this discussion was that Fred will blend the best elements of a couple of versions of statement that seemed to be preferred by most of those present, with some verbiage to be added (community building, etc.).  The resulting revised statement will be presented for an up or down vote at the next meeting.
There was a brief discussion of "Midlands Gives", with the result that we will try again with this next year, there having been a lot of issues and problems with that this last year.
Aaron offered to create a professional video to answer the question: "What is Contra".  Victor will set up a scripting meeting with himself, Aaron and John to try and create a script to act as a starting point for this process.
The use of Meetup groups and other methods of  outreach were discussed.
We agreed that a July meeting would be a good idea, owing to the summer dances scheduled.  The next meeting will be held on July 12, 2016

Meeting adjourned.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Minutes 03/08/ 2016

Minutes of the COTMD Board meeting of March 8, 2016

Attending were:

Jonathan Janzen

John Wetzel

Dianne Britton

Virginia Winn

Fred Druseikis

Marguerite Frongillo

Victor Gascon

Tim Piesch

The meeting was opened, and began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting.

Virginia presented the treasurers report.  We gained $117 at the January dance, and lost $30 at the February dance.

There were no new reimbursements.

The reports from our last dance were discussed.  This brought up the issue of high tech methods of paying.  Victor agreed to investigate whether it would be feasible for us to sell tickets using debit cards or other electronic technologies.  There was general agreement that we are probably too small for that to work, but we can look into it.

The mailing list status was briefly reviewed, and is up to date.

Marguerite presented the current status of her booking efforts. 

Gail Sullivan had indicated in an email that she had changed her mind about serving on the board, and has therefore resigned.

Jonathan Janzen agreed to serve on the board, and was voted in as a member at large.

We discussed recruitment of students and other community members to grow our dance community.

The comittee tasked with working on our mission and vision statement submitted two draft mission statements to choose from.  These were briefly discussed, with the result that we agreed that anyone who wanted to submit other suggested wording to that committee could do so, if this is done within two weeks.  The committee will review those submissions, and will then create and submit one (or possibly more) draft mission statements to the entire board, at the next meeting, for discussion and an up or down vote.

The creation of a vision statement has been set aside until the mission statement issue has been settled.

The "work in progress" item called "Summer 2016 Dances" was discussed again:

We will have a "regular" dance in August, (previously agreed).

We will have a "techno" dance in July (previously agreed) and we have now agreed to try and combine that dance with a swing dance with possible involvement of a swing dance organization, this to include Swing teaching/dance from 4:00 to 6:00, a pot luck from 6:00 to 7:00, then our techno contra event.

ACTION ITEM:  John Wetzel to check with Barbara at the Emerald to see if this will fly, only then will others talk to swing dance groups about how to make it happen.

The addition to our website of video links about contra dancing was discussed.  Tim agreed to review existing contra dance videos, and to suggest a list of video links (youtube? vimeo?) that could be made a part of our website, with board approval.

There was a brief discussion about possible alternatives regarding the storage and safekeeping of sound equipment, the possibilities of insurance, etc.  We decided for now that we would continue to self-insure (that is, take our chances with fate).

The following items are carried forward from the last meeting, (not discussed at this meeting owing to lack of time):
Posting our dance events on our dance-related facebook pages (Poonam).
Posting ContraCola events on Meetup groups
Midlands Gives: Join as a promotional opportunity (Connie)? 

The next meeting will be on May 10, 2016.

Meeting was adjourned.