Monday, October 24, 2022

Minutes September 7, 2022

 COTMD Board Meeting September 7, 2022 at Virginia Winn's house.

John called the meeting to order at 7:30pm.

Attending in person: John, Dianne, Bob [Barb], Fred, Virginia, Marguerite, Victor; nobody was remote.  It was determined that we have a quorum.

Victor presented an abbreviated treasures' report stating the cash on hand balance in the checking account.  Victor dontated $100 to help cover expenses for the last dance (held 8/28/22 at Lake Murray.)

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved.  These were for the Board meetings held July 13, and May 25.

The main topic of dicussion was around issues for using the CMFA [Columbia Music Festival Association] space on Pulaski Street.  It was generally agreed that using this space as much as we can is a good thing in view of the fact that Lake Murray is so far out of town.

There are issues:
    (a) Scheduling: it is unclear when we can get commitment for our dances;
    (b) How often and when to promote the new location.
    (c) Sound support issues because of equipment.
    (d) A donation to CFMA is expected; the question is how much; $80/dance?
    (e) CFMA requires insurance.

We are striving for two dances per month.  The 4th Saturday dance will be with a live band.  The 2nd Saturday dance will be with recorded music.

[NOTE: At the time these notes were transcribed, we had in fact held three dances at Pulaski Street, on 9/17/22, 10/08/22, and 10/22/22.  The 9/17/22 and 10/08/22 dances were with recorded music.  The 10/22/22 dance was with a live band.]

The Board authorized Karl to get the insurance coverage as required by CFMA.  He stated that the cost might be in the $600 range per year.  CFMA has contacts that are familiar with the requirements.

There was a lot of discussion about sound support, given that it had already been established at Lake Murray.  The going forward plan is to buy a mixing board (~$250) and some powered speakers.  The board approved these expenditures.

Booking for Pulaski Street can not proceed until the venue schedule has been finalized.  It was agreed that we would have band scheduled through October.  November and December schedules are unclear.

The next board meeting was scheduled for 11/16/22.

The meeting adjourned at 8:32pm.

Fred Druseikis
transcribed on 10/23/2022 from notes