Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Minutes January 15, 2013

Final Minutes for Jan 15, 2013 COTMD 
Board Meeting Called to Order at 7:45pm. 
Attending: John Wetzel, President
 Tim Piesch, Vice President
Virginia Winn, Treasurer
Dianne Britton
Fred Druseikis
Lucy Gordon
Marguerite Frongillo
Jacob LeGrone

Connie Robinette, Secretary
Scott McCravy
Stephany McCravy
Kenny Greer

Approval of previous minutes: 

Approval was so moved, seconded, voted on and passed.

Best practices for keeping up with current policies: Discussion covered the pros and cons of publishing the policies for public record verses publishing the policies for private Board use only. Presently they are not published in the minutes nor are they available to the Board on the website. No decision was made at this meeting and the discussion was deferred to the next meeting. In the meantime it was agreed that John and Marguerite would jointly produce a paper outlining COTMD’s present policies regarding the payment of both local and out of town bands and callers. Once written the draft would be distributed to the Board members for feedback. They would then adjust the draft to reflect the Board’s input if needed. How the policy information will be published will be discussed and voted on at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer distributed a break out of the November & December 2012 Expense Reports and a summary of the 2012-2013 Season Bank Statement Report. We made a profit for both dances. We presently have $1,510.87 in the checking account and $251.00 in cash. It was so moved, seconded, voted on and passed.

Board Email Information: Dianne distributed a list of board member information for review. Those members present reviewed and okayed the information. No vote was necessary.

General Email to Dance Community: Virginia is supplying Dianne with updated email addresses from each dance. Dianne is inviting the dancers to join our dance community. If they have not accepted the invitation in three months then they are deleted from the general list. Dianne also lets Virginia know who they are and she deletes them from our master backup list. No vote was necessary.

Written Contract for Bands & Callers: Although it would not be a formal contract, it was proposed that bands and callers should receive a written statement, preferably via email, but if that is not an option, then via Facebook, Twitter, or snailmail, stating precisely what they should expect to receive in payment at the dance. It should include both the payment for the gig and any travel, if applicable. If it is emailed then it should go out via contracola@gmail.com so that the information would be stored on our website. A copy of the same information should be emailed to the Treasurer. It was so moved, seconded, voted on and passed.

Back-to-Back Dances with Lake Murray: Susan Fort, Lake Murray Contra Dance Coordinator, has requested permission to run a back-to-back dances with us if we are booking an expensive out of town band. She would have the LM dance on the Friday before our Saturday dance. We agreed it may work if we both booked it as a big contra dance weekend and it was only done under special circumstances. Dianne will talk with Susan to inform her of the Board's decision. This is still up for discussion. Nothing was voted on at this meeting.

Student Pricing: It was agreed that dropping the student price to $5.00 has been successful and that we would continue for the foreseeable future. It was so moved, seconded, voted on and passed.

Slate for Season 2013-2014: Everyone on the Board is encouraged to seek out new possible Board members. Look for people who come regularly and are enthusiastic. Ask them if they are interested and have the time. If yes, get their contact information. Tell them their name will be submitted to the slate for consideration.

Lucy will not be able to serve next season because she is not able to come to the dances due to her obligations in Charleston.

Dianne and Fred had to leave before this discussion came up. Stephany, Scott, Connie and Kenny were not at the meeting. These 6 Board members need to let Virginia know if they are willing to continue serving.

The following Board members have agreed to serve another term in their present capacity if elected: Tim P. [Vice President], Virginia [Treasurer], Marguerite [Bands/Callers], and Jacob [Student Liaison]. John did not commit to being President again although he said he would if it was needed.

Our next meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2013 at Virginia’s house, starting at 7:00pm.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:48pm.

Minutes submitted by Virginia Winn on 02/05/2013.