Monday, February 27, 2012

Minutes 1/17/2012

Minutes for meeting of January 17, 2012

John Wetzel
Virginia Winn (hostess)
Marguerite Frongillo
Dianne Britton
Fred Druseikis
Mary Jo Wannamaker
Ben Coonrod
Stephanie and Scott McCravy

Previous meeting's minutes reviewed and approved.

Treasurer's Report approved. There is $1792 in the bank. Also, our budget spreadsheets need updating. When Fred gets the information from the treasurer, he will update those.

Outreach Committee Report:

Marguerite will put fliers out at the gym, and John will put some out at the YMCA.
Early Training Sessions: The 'Beyond Beginners' workshop has been encompassing beginners as well as more experienced dancers, but the workshop has succeeded in getting people to the dance much earlier. As of now, we will keep going with it and see how the workshop progresses.

Presidential Duties and Email List Updates:
John will get his list of duties to Dianne so she can put them on a calendar, so that everything gets done on time. He added to that list another presidential duty will be to check with Dianne, who currently manages the board email list, to make sure that the board email list is updated withing two weeks of a new election. At the present time Dianne manages and maintains this email list, and will continue to do so until she decides otherwise. Both she and Virginia will review the big email list of all the dancers. A recurring agenda item will be to report on the status of these lists.

Possible Extra Dance With Lake Murray Contra:
There is a possibility of having an extra dance in a season utilizing Susan Fort's facilities (Lake Murray Contra). Virginia has been in contact with Susan for a while now, but we have yet to work all the details out. We will continue to keep in contact and network with Susan Fort to include her in the dance community, and this should be revisited on the next agenda.

Other Business:

Marguerite suggested that all the information for the announcements at the dance should be organized beforehand, so that she (or whomever does the announcements) will be sure to get all information out there. She volunteered to organize the list.
Dianne reminded us that we need to get the slate for the election together for the next meeting, which is in March, as the election will occur in May.
Ben volunteered to be on the Outreach Committee.

Next meeting scheduled for March 27, 2012

Meeting adjourned at 9:10pm.