Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Minutes 11/6/2007

Minutes of the COTMD Board

November 6, 2007

  • Fred Druseikis
  • Dianne Britton
  • John Wetzel
  • Connie Robinette (hosting)
  • Tim Sneed
  • Lucy Gordon
  • Stephanie and Scott McCravy
Meeting begins 7:30pm

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

Old Business: Connie seems to be moving along in planning a special dance at the art museum. The dance would most likely take place on a Friday, and if everything goes well, we may be invited back to do more.

Dianne is contributing the price of the website ($70) to the group for this calendar year.

Operations Summary distributed and discussed. Debate began over whether to pay callers and/or musicians more for travel. John agreed to forgo his pay as sound technician for Dean Snipes. The issue was raised in regard to raising the door price. Other suggestions were to ramp up advertising, thereby bringing more people to each dance.

Other ideas included creating punch cards that would allow dancers to purchase admission in advance. Said punch card would have 10 punches (dances) on it and would expire a year from date of purchase. Motion to implement punch cards was made and passed.

Motion was also made and passed to raise the door price for both members (now $6) and non-members (now $8).

Next meeting scheduled for sometime in March 2008.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm