Monday, November 6, 2006

Minutes 11/6/2006

Minutes for COTMD, Monday, November 6, 2006, Board Meeting at Connie's house

Attendance: Fred, Lesly, Dianne, Connie

Fred read the minutes; unanimously approved.

Lesly will e-mail treasurer's report to all. Fred will post on website.

Current balance is $384; treasurer's report unanimously approved. contradancing search leads to broken link for our group. Link ought to be fixed.

video: Connie will get video from Kenny Greer to post on our website.

Fred will put on website a list of places to post flyers. Let's post in USC dorms. There are varying size flyers on the site.

Fred will send out e-mail reminders as needed. Hall rental, publicity.

Business cards. Connie brought up the possibility. Some discussion. Need more info and an example.

Discussed possibility of a better, moderated e-mail list manager. Current list is very large > 150 names. This makes it hard to e-mail the group using the usual tools from ISPs. Fred will make a proposal for web hosting that will allow to be a self-named e-mail. The group will consider consider spending some amount for the hosting.

Noted: 2nd Saturday in November is a good target date to plan for a special Saturday dance or dance weekend. The State Museum has had change in management/interest and may be more willing to negotiate.

There was a suggestion to hold board meetings at a different time -- before dance, after dance, before dance during pot luck. Fred will e-mail suggestion. Maybe January for a tryout for a different board meeting.

Adjourn 8:35pm