Monday, March 3, 2008

Minutes 3/3/2008

Minutes of COTMD Board

March 3, 2008

  • Fred Druseikis
  • Dianne Britton
  • John Wetzel
  • Lucy Gordon
  • Stephanie and Scott McCravy
  • Connie Robinette (via phone)
Meeting begins 7:30pm

Minutes of previous meeting reviewed and approved.

Treasurer's Report reviewed and explained. Suggestion was made to include a category for the Dance Card admissions.

Dance cards were discussed. Fred had an idea to make a poster to put up at the door explaining/advertising the option of buying a dance card. Lucy suggested assigning someone the responsibilty of explaining and selling the cards. When dancers come to pay at the admissions table, the "vendor" could give them a choice of paying regular price for just that night or purchasing a card to use on future dances. The person responible for administering the cards would then explain the benefits/regulations of the card and subsequently complete the transaction should the dancer choose to purchase one. It was also suggested that a reminder about the cards should be announced at the break, as well as putting information up on the monthly email and on the website homepage. John suggested that the expiration date be changed from one year from date of purchase to two years from date of purchase. This idea was supported by those board members present.

We then contacted Connie on the phone to find out about the special Art Museum dance. She informed the board that the dance was scheduled for a Friday in the first part of July. There would be twenty dancers with Whistlin' Rufus providing the music and Doug Singleton calling. The board decided it was best to invite experienced dancers ranging in ages to display the type of dancers that attend the Columbia Contra. The dance would last one to two hours and would be a great opportunity to advertise the dance. Connie mentioned that there would certainly be mention/display on a website, one or possibly two articles written, and perhaps even television coverage, as ETV works closely with the art museum.

The board then discussed the nominations for next year's board. Connie agreed to continue as Vice President, and I (Stephanie) agreed to continue as Secretary. We decided to scout out and recruit at least one nominee each for the offices of President and Treasurer. Scott tentatively put his name in the running for President. There needs to be a ballot list by the end of the April dance.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm.

/s/Stephanie McCravy
Secretary, COTMD