Sunday, April 23, 2017

Minutes. March 13, 2017

Minutes. March 13, 2017
Members present:
Victor Gascon
John Wetzel
Fred Druseikis
Virginia Winn
Marguerite Frongillo
Connie Robinette
Dianne Britton

The meeting began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting.
Virginia presented the treasurer's report. 
No reimbursements were reported to be needed by anyone.
The reports from our last dance were discussed. 
The mailing list was discussed.  We agreed to make sure that each newsletter includes some version of a copy of the parking map for the Emerald ballroom.   Also, for some reason, John and Virginia never seem to get copies of the newsletters for some reason.  Not a big problem, but duly mentioned.
Marguerite gave us a verbal snapshot of the current status of band and caller bookings.
We discussed recruiting students and other community members as dancers and board members.   No new candidates have been identified.  As a part of this discussion, we formally voted to attempt to use up to a maximum of $360 to do use the facebook advertising process, and see if this helps to bring in the additional dancers we need to remain viable financially.  Victor will handle the execution of this process, and decide how much money should be expended each month, and how.
The selling of our old speakers came up briefly.  Jonathan will be sending Virginia a check as soon as he has the money.
Victor will create some nametag/button designs (or modify existing designs), and will send those out for board approval and vetting. 
The pot luck dinner was discussed.  We are doing another "hybrid"pot luck in April.  We discussed some details of this, such as getting two rather than three plates of sandwiches, and other such details as need to be changed based on our experience with our last pot luck.
We briefly discussed the officers election slate lineup for next year.  Basically it will be identical to this years uncontested slate (unless somebody decides to throw a hat into the ring).  The slate below will be (presumably) voted in formally at the May meeting.
President: Victor
VP/Booker: Marguerite
Treasurer: Virginia
Secretary: John

The next meeting will be held on May 9, 2017.
The meeting was adjourned.