Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Minutes 10/20/2015

Meeting minutes, October 20, 2015


Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
John Wetzel
Tim Piesch
Virginia Winn
Connie Robinette
Marguerite Frongillo
Victor Gascon (by phone link)

Victor telephoned in, and called the meeting to order.

The meeting began by approving the previous minutes, as posted in draft form on the
Board blog/website.

The treasurer's report was presented.  We lost roughly $270 at the September dance, and lost $111 dollars at the October dance.  With those losses, plus a substantial donation by an anonymous donor, our available funds (cash+banked) now stand at $3,425.  The treasurers report was approved.

Virginia mentioned that we are expecting a form from CDSS, and John said he had the form in his car, and would continue to recieve mail from CDSS until their database was updated to show Victor as the current point of contact.

Mailing list status was briefly discussed.

Marguerite reported on the booking situation.  This developed into a discussion about the possibility of collaborating with neighboring contra organizations to bring a band called The Contrarians to our region and to our own dance.

The group voted to approve the posting of our booking policy and our Safety and Comfort policy (authored by Victor) on our website.  Victor will post these policies sometime soon.

The issues of REVIEWING MISSION and REVIEWING VISION (from the agenda for this meeting)
have been set aside to be dealt with at a future meeting, owing to difficulties with telephone conferencing at this meeting.

For the same reason, the issue of having a live band and doing a techno contra for the two dances we anticipate having next summer was set aside, to be handled at the next meeting.  This also includes discussion of sharing an event with another dance group, such as the swing dancers.

The current possibilities for recruiting new board members, and the status of that effort, were discussed.

The pressing need to increase efforts to reach out to students was discussed in detail.

The fact that there was no pricing information available on recent iterations of our website presence, and that some folks were confused about whether we were still even collecting required ticket money at dances, was discussed.  We decided it was important for "somebody" (this probably means all of us) to make sure that pricing information is always present and easily findable on any websites, posters, documents etc.  This probably resulted from taking down the pricing info during the "donations only" summer dances, and then forgetting to put them back up.  We discussed the need to make it VERY CLEAR that such arrangements are temporary, if we use them again in the future.

The urgent need to have another meeting to discuss items passed over in this one was discussed.  We decided to have our next meeting on November 17th, 2015

The meeting was adjourned.