Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Minutes 5/10/11

John Wetzel
Dianne Britton
Fred Druseikis
Mary Jo Wannamaker
Lucy Gordon
Virginia Winn (hostess)
Judy Wells
Connie Robinette (via phone)
Scott and Stephanie McCravy

Previous meeting's minutes approved.

Treasurer's Report: We have $1451.oo. That total includes the contingency fund ($400.00). The CDSS fee is due in June, and that amount is $75.00. Treasurer's report approved.

Reimbursements: Fred will require $15.00 for the renewal of the domain name.

Hall Rental: The hall is paid for through next season, but they can't book the last two dates until June. However, the full amount has been paid for all dates next season.

Sound Equipment Status: The microphone stand still needs to be replaced, but John has not priced any yet.

Duties of President: John suggests mapping out the specific duties so he (and future presidents) will have a succinct, complete list of the responsibilities, especially those that require action by a set date or time within the season. Dianne and Lucy came up with the idea of creating a calendar with all the essential dates that can be viewed by all board members and be sent as a reminder to the president (or other responsible officers or board members). Such a calendar would have to be accessible to all board members and be controlled by someone who sends or directs the reminders. John will go through the bylaws and compile a list of the president's official duties to place on the calendar and to possibly delegate some of the said duties if need be.

Pre-dance Workshops: Virginia and Lucy have been discussing this at length and plan to present/promote it at the next dance (May) with the intention of implementing the workshop at the June dance. They need a way for interested volunteers to respond via email without inundating Virginia's email account. Dianne suggested putting a filter on the email responses that would minimize this concern. Lucy, Virginia, and Dianne plan to confer on this later.

Duties of Vice President: Connie said that the hiring of callers and bands is an official duty of the vice president, but John could not find anything written in the bylaws or anywhere else on this situation. Dianne confirmed that at some point in the past the board had decided to assign this responsibility to the vice president. We decided to take action to clarify the situtation. So the choices were to either make this an official duty of the vice president or assign this responsibility to a person (chosen with discretion by the president). John moved to give the president the authority to assign this duty to a person (an officer or board member), not a particular office. Motion passed.

Election: The slate was voted through by the attending board members and some write-in (email) votes by those not attending. The results of the election are as follows:
John Wetzel---President
Connie Robinette---Vice President
Stephanie McCravy---Secretary
Scott McCravy---Treasurer
Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
Virginia Winn
Lucy Gordon
Marguerite Frongillo
Kenny Greer
Tim Sneed
Tim Piesch
Mary Jo Wannamaker
Judy Wells

Local Bands vs. Out-Of-Town Bands: John is concerned with variety (or lack of) concerning the bands we hire. After much discussion we all agreed that more variety is definitely what we want for our dance group. As a result of this discussion, we agreed that, if possible, we should let any given band play only two dances during a season. We also agreed that this guideline could also apply to callers as well. Such a guideline could of course be suspended should the need arise, and this decision would be at the discretion of Connie, who schedules all of these bands and callers. To promote or allow for more variety, John moved that we change the rate of pay for local bands from $35.00 per band member to a total of $140.00 per band. Motion passed. Another motion was made to remove the limit of three out-of-town bands per year. Motion passed. These actions will allow us more freedom to increase the variety with both local and out-of-town bands. Lucy urged caution in raising the pay rates of the out-of-town bands just yet, as we need to see how these other changes play out. Fred agreed to produce spreadsheets to illustrate our attendance trends and operating funds, so we can better understand how attendance affects our operations. Scott will provide him with the necessary documents to complete this task.

Next meeting scheduled for June 28, 2011. Virginia graciously agreed to act as hostess again.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35pm.