Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Minutes 8/28/2006

Meeting held at Connie's house, August 28, 2006.

  • Fred
  • Dianne
  • Stephanie
  • Scott
  • Connie
  • Nancy
  • Johne
  • Denys
Lesly arrived after meeting was adjouned because of scheduling conflict with her classes.

Minutes from the last meeting were reviewed. There was some confusion as to when the last meeting took place which was resolved. January 17, 2006, was the last meeting before current meeting (August 28, 2006).

There was a question as to whether the treasurer's figures should be made available to the public on the website. All agreed that the figures would be made available.

Minutes from last meeting were approved.

Nancy presented the financial report. Since attendance had declined, there was an $810 loss. The kitty was empty, so Nancy suggested contributions by those on the board. Fred paid back $20 that was loaned to Karen Long. John contributed as well.

Connie stated she has bands booked through January and wondered if/when she should continue booking through 2007 in the event attendence doesn't improve.

Discussion moved on to the October dance at Mr. Trabor. Dianne inquired of Nancy how much the church allocated to pay for the band, sound, and caller. This amount was $350. It was ultimately decided that the band would charge $65 a person, with $65 going to John for sound. John will keep $25 and put the rest towards the treasury.

Continued discussion resulted in concern over financial state. Promotion and advertising were the main aspects that needed to be actively improved. It was suggested that there be a printed schedule at every dance for people to take home as a reminder of when/where the dances are scheduled. John suggested that we design different flyers for different venues. He and Connie decided to work on those together. Nancy stated that we need at least 40 people per dance to stay in the black. All members noted the need to help out in promotion and advertising.

The treasurer's report was approved.

Each board member will send a list to Fred by Friday, September 1, 2006, of places in which to advertise upcoming dances.

The board moved on to new business. A motion was made to give Jonathan's unexpired seat to John. Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Connie will keep working on booking for 2007 and will email Fred the information as it comes in.

Dianne made a motion to adjourn. Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Lesly arrived not long after adjournment, at which time Nancy handed over the treasury kit and report to her.

Discussion continued during which it was decided that Dianne will update the FAQs on the website.