Saturday, April 20, 2019

Minutes, April 16, 2019

Minutes, April 16, 2019

--Victor Gascon
--Virginia Winn
--John Wetzel
--Dianne Britton
--Fred Drusekis
--Marguerite Frongillo

The minutes of the previous meeting was approved.

The treasurer gave a brief report on available funds.

We discussed booking related issues, specifically when booking for next season should begin.  We voted to delay booking at least until one dance had occurred at the new venue, as our experience there (will this even work?) should influence that decision.
No one has visited the "ballroom on Broad river road" yet.  However, if this is the "Esmerelda" ballroom, which it probably is, this is unsuitable, per comments by John Wetzel who has been there.
Ebenezer lutheran might be workable, we have danced there before, but is costly.

Liability insurance was discussed at length.  Result:
1. CDSS affiliated insurance covers only the group not the officers.
2. Therefore, it does not address our primary concern of protecting board members individually from being sued.
3. Therefore, we voted to purchase that insurance only if required to do so by a venue, and the treasurer is empowered to do so immediately if such conditions come to pass.
4. The issue of finding insurance (or convincing ourselves via research that this is not needed) to protect individual board members remains on the table.  Fred suggested that we begin by contacting CDSS to find out if there is any documented history of suits against dance group board members.

Accounts receivable: Jonathan still owes some money to group for speakers.

Victor spoke with many organizers from around the USA at the bug stomp.  The problems we are having are the same everywhere, and we are actually in fairly good shape compared to many groups.  Meaning we are not doing something wrong.

Victor will forge ahead on the name tags issue.

Victor announced that he is resigning as President (and from the board also) effective immediately.  

The slate of officers to be voted on at the next meeting is:
PRESIDENT: John Wetzel
VICE PRESIDENT: Marguerite Frongillo
SECRETARY: Fred Drusekis
TREASURER: Virginia Winn

The next meetng will be on the 21st of May

The meeting was adjourned,