Thursday, May 31, 2018

Minutes May 15, 2018

Minutes  May 15, 2018

Marguerite Frongillo
Victor Gascon
Virginia Winn
Natalie Weston
Dianne Britton
Fred Drusekis
Jonathan Janzen

The meeting began by reviewing the minutes of the last meeting (printouts provided as needed) and then formally approving those minutes.  Before approving the previous minutes, those present made the following suggestions, asked the following questions:
Fred: Question, did we vote to keep $8 only? (John comment: we informally decided to ask for $8, but give students who request the $5 price a break).  This will give us a bit more income, while allowing people who need the student break to ask for it.  The formal pricing scheme remains unchanged, but how we present it to the public is modified so that our income may improve.  I am not sure a formal vote was needed, given that the actual prices have not changed.  A rebuttable assumption on my part.
Fred statement: we need to vote on this formally later this meeting.  (John statement:, I don't think you guys actually did vote on this, did you?  I am not certain it matters, but it could go on the next agenda).
Unattributed statememts: The slate should be a list of names, not just a reference to existing slate.  ALSO, Aaron has asked to resign from the board, but Victor has not accepted that resignation.
Those present accepted the previous minutes, with the above comments and questions to be added in.

The treasurer gave the following report:
March: In March we made roughly $200, because the band and caller were inexpensive, and we had many beginners.
April: In April we broke even.
The cash and bank funds on hand were reported.
The treasurers report was formally approved.

We have been working on a pair of grants for two years.
We purchased new equipment, and are doing well.
Virginia has a new and simplified gate form.
We need to tally up how many DANCERS came AND how many people are in the hall.
Form needs a line for donations and a line for all expenses.

Fred asked the question: Why are board members charged $7? AND Why was this not mentioned in the minutes? AND Are we still going from $8 to $5 for latecomers after half time?

Natalie said she had been to a dance in Oak Ridge, and they used a very simple form, which they will share with us.

A woman from Soth Dakota liked our dance, she dances there.
Kim Buzard is settimg up an event towards the end of june, and needs musicians.

The next pot luck will be in the fall of 2018.
Jonathan never got any notification about our last potluck.

Our booker reported on the current status of booking efforts.

Jonathan agreed to do the beginners lesson for the next dance.
Natalie reported that Tess did a very good job of teaching the beginner lesson.

CONCLUSION (of discussion?) Primary event caller should teach the beginner lesson if possible, but can hand off beginner lesson to one of us if desired.
FRED:  Having someone other than the primary event caller teach the beginner lesson is rare, but it can be done well.  Callers are different, so different beginner lessons can be helpful to beginners who attend many beginner lessons.  ALSO, all our promotional materials should make it clear that for those who need beginner lessons, the start time is 7:00 not 7:30.  Suggestions: Emphasize to beginners the importance of changing patners, and try out having all the beginners in one line and all the experts in another, to allow people to easily pick an experienced partner for lessons.

Victor has not ordered the buttons yet.  Victor is to get with Virginia about setting up pay pal and patreon accounts.

Victor discussed the status of the IRS receipt, and how he managed to get the IRS situation squared away, and how he created a receipt by using a screenshot.

Spartanburg group is having problems, cannot use Church, music store is too small and too hot, and has a bad floor.
Charlotte has ended it's Saturday dances, and is keeping its Monday dances.
Greenville is doing OK with River falls dance and City dance.
Moondance is also having problems.

The new slate of board officers was formally voted in by those present.
The vote was unanimous. 
The slate is:
Victor Gascon - President
Marguerite Frongillo - Vice President & Booker
John Wetzel - Secretary
Virginia Winn - Treasurer
Members at large:
    Dianne Britton
    Fred Druseikis
    Jonathan Janzen
    Connie Robinette
    Tim Peisch

Dianne mentioned that we need to invite interested people to each board meeting at every dance and via all of our publicity channels.  Board meetings can be a facebook event, for example.

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 17, 2018

Jonathan has a friend who is interested in playing contra music (Carson? on viola?).

Fred and Dianne are offering to have monthly music playing gatherings at their house for people interested in learning to play contra music.  Interested persons should have some facility at reading sheet music.  These gatherings can be announced on facebook.
The meeting was adjourned.