Monday, September 9, 2002

Minutes 9/9/2002

MINUTES: The COTMD meeting for September 9, 2002

The following persons were present:

Dianne Britton
Connie Robinette
John Wetzel
Nancy Stone-Collum
Debbie Samples
Glenn White
Karen Long

* The meeting began with a review of the previous meeting.

* The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved by a vote.

* COTMD expenses were reviewed. The treasury has a total of $211.25 of available funds, with an outlay of $150 for hall rental due in the near future. (City Parks is allowing us to pay for just two months at a time.)

* Dianne asked for a note in these minutes, indicating that she is to forward the "IRS form" to Deborah Hayes.

* A motion was made to accept the treasurer's report. The motion was seconded, and approved by vote.

* A discussion of our upcoming dance schedule was held, during which it was noted that Wes and Dean will be calling all our dances this season. Both of these callers (from Charlotte) have expressed interest in helping us develop local callers. Lesly Bowers (from Columbia) was mentioned as being interested in training as a caller. Lack of funds is impacting the scheduling of bands for the season.

* The failure of our organization to achieve a new venue at the state museum was discussed, along with the need for continued search for a new venue. Nancy suggested that her church might be willing for us to dance there, at least occasionally, and the space is quite suitable size-wise, etc., although it does not have a wood floor.

* Brief discussion on the subjects of holding extra dances, going to a $7 dollar door charge and publicity efforts. Nancy noted that if we get 40 attendees per dance the current charge of $6 is sufficient.

* Connie said that due to Jeffery Day's schedule, we should not expect an article in the State Newspaper this fall. It was discussed that we should make a poster with a catchy heading like "Add a Little Balance & Swing to Your Life" and listing the dates of all the dances of the season, and then post it at high-visibility locations such as the Russell House on the USC campus.

* Possible "membership categories" were discussed. We decided that cute names for the categories were not needed. We also decided that the tax receipt form for COTMD should make a statement that any contribution is "tax deductible to the extent allowed by Law."

* Another long discussion was held on the possibility of a funding appeal. This included discussion of possible details of membership perks that might be associated with higher contributions. Debbie made a detailed proposal (see below), which was moved, seconded and accepted by vote. Nancy requested that the form used to record the proceeds from each dance be updated to make it easier to track member admissions, coupons, memberships, etc., and Dianne agreed to do it. Nancy offered to make a verbal plea for funding at the next dance, at the top of the last contra of the first half.

* It was informally agreed that a discussion of the current grant research situation will be deferred to a future time.

* A brief discussion was held on the new/revised website, and in particular, the security aspects of acess to our email list were discussed. It was also suggested that a description of contra dancing be added to the website.

* The meeting was adjourned.


Membership perks proposal:

$25: $2 discount to each dance + one get-in-free coupon
$50: $2 discount to each dance + two get-in-free coupons
$100: $2 discount to each dance + five get-in-free coupons