Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Minutes 05/10/2016

Minutes, May 10, 2016
Board Members present  (** denotes new members to be voted in at this meeting)
Amy Lacoste **
Aaron Davis **
Connie Robinette
Virginia Wynn
Victor Gascon
John Wetzel
Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
Poonam Dhull
The meeting began by approving the minutes of the previous meeting.
Virgina delivered the treasurers report, which was an abbreviated process owing to her not being able to print out anything, due to a fried computer. 
We lost about $85?? at the last dance (I did not record exact amount).
John Submitted receipts for a $30 expenditure to get an amplifier channel repaired (peavy power amp owned by COTMD).
Victor stated (on behalf of Marguerite who was not present) that the signing up of bands for the next season is almost complete, and signing up of callers is going pretty well.
We then held our election to elect officers and members at large.  All officers and members present at the meeting agreed to serve another year, and we therefore voted for all existing officers and members to continue in their present positions, with the caveat that any officers (Marguerite) and members (Jonathan, Natalie and Tim) not present at this meeting retain the right to refuse to serve in those positions.  Fred indicated that he and Dianne might not be able to serve on the board after the next season, this being intended as an early warning of that possibility.
There was extensive discussion of the Mission/Vision statement.  The result of this discussion was that Fred will blend the best elements of a couple of versions of statement that seemed to be preferred by most of those present, with some verbiage to be added (community building, etc.).  The resulting revised statement will be presented for an up or down vote at the next meeting.
There was a brief discussion of "Midlands Gives", with the result that we will try again with this next year, there having been a lot of issues and problems with that this last year.
Aaron offered to create a professional video to answer the question: "What is Contra".  Victor will set up a scripting meeting with himself, Aaron and John to try and create a script to act as a starting point for this process.
The use of Meetup groups and other methods of  outreach were discussed.
We agreed that a July meeting would be a good idea, owing to the summer dances scheduled.  The next meeting will be held on July 12, 2016

Meeting adjourned.