Sunday, March 3, 2002

Minutes 3/3/2003

Minutes of March 3, 2003 Meeting

Present: Dianne Britton, Fred Druseikis, Nancy Stone-Collum, Glenn White, Deborah Hayes.

The meeting began with review of prior meeting’s minutes, approved by a vote.

Financial statements were reviewed and circulated (and reflect a surplus!) The treasurer’s report was approved by a vote. Amendment as of September 8, 2003, adds, "$326.25 balance as of March 3".

A current dance schedule was noted in the agenda for review.

Tim Sneed has agreed to organize after-dance activities. Dianne suggested that someone be invited to organize snacks for the dances.

There was a brief dicussion of Frost Wilkinson, the documentary filmmaker, shooting at a dance. It was agreed that dancers would be notified ahead of time when he would be doing this.

CDSS Summer Camp was discussed. Scholarships are offered for dancers with matching funds (the deadline is 3/17). It was mentioned that perhaps Leslie would like to attend for calling workshops.

Upcoming elections were discussed, and will be announced at the next dance (March 8). The nominating committee will present nominations at the April 12 dance; elections will be held at the May 10 dance. The nominating committee will be Fred, Dianne and Deborah Hayes. Deborah agreed to prepare ballots once nominees are decided.

A summer event for dancers was discussed and scheduled tentatively for July 12, 2003. Dianne told the group about a documentary video that’s been lent to our group by Great Meadow Music, and suggested this get-together would be a good venue in which to view it. She informed us that copies are available for $10 from, and that after we view our complimentary copy, we are asked to donate it to a local library.

The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting date is May 8, 2003.