Monday, July 1, 2002

Minutes 7/1/2002

Minutes of July 1, 2002 Meeting

Present: Dianne Britton, Fred Druseikis, Connie Robinette, Nancy Stone-Collum, Debbie Samples, John Wetzel and Deborah Hayes.

The meeting began with review of prior meeting’s minutes, approved by a vote.
Copies of current financial statements were circulated, reflecting minor adjustments to the March/April figures (clerical errors). As of June 30, the treasury holds $286.25, of which $75.00 will be forwarded to CDSS for tax-exempt status fee. The treasurer’s report was approved by a vote.

Next season’s dance schedule was discussed, with a tentative commitment to Arsenal Hill as the venue. Apparently, six months’ advance payment may be required for reservations (as opposed to prior arrangement of two months’). Dianne believes this is flexible, and will double-check on it.

There was a discussion of soliciting more donations from our e-mail list, emphasizing the non-profit tax-deductible nature of COTMD. It was decided COTMD should have a form for tax purposes indicating amount of charitable donation and pertinent information; Deborah Hayes agreed to draft a form for review at next meeting. It was decided we will do a membership drive in earnest, starting in September.

A discussion was held regarding reservation of a domain name. The name “” was approved by a vote, and Fred agreed to acquire the reservation at a cost of $8.00 for the year. Hosting of the site will require further funds; it was suggested that CDSS may be able to host the site for us. Deborah Hayes agreed to check on this.

Contents of the corporate book were reviewed:

SS-4 Application for Employer Identification Number and copy of assignment letter
CDSS Annual Reply Form, including Income/Expense Statement and Balance Sheet
Letter from CDSS granting COTMD nonprofit status
Copy of application for CDSS Group Affiliation
Clarification of bylaws regarding membership and voting privileges

and the book was turned over to the secretary for keeping. A suggestion that minutes of meetings met with approval by the group, and Dianne agreed to produce copies of past minutes for that purpose.

There was a brief discussion of membership categories and potential “thank-you” gifts or awards. No conclusions were made at this time, but that levels be set at 25-50-100 dollar amounts. Debbie Samples will continue to work on this.

Discussion of a party was tabled for the time being.

Connie offered a report on the progress of the grant research committee. They met on July 1, with some absences; task assignments were made to individuals. It was suggested that grant applications perhaps be associated with a weekend dance effort, or the training of a caller. While no applications have been made at this time, great progress was made in other arenas. Jeffrey Day of The State has agreed to run a ‘blurb’ in the paper in October. Connie and Debbie met with folks at the State Museum regarding possible use of the Congaree Room, which the group agreed would be a favorable ‘marriage.’ We will await further information from their board.

There was a brief discussion of the need to enhance our dance community by acquiring a caller or two of our own. Suggestions of particular individuals were “tossed around.”

The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting date is September 9, 2002.