Monday, October 4, 2004

Minutes 10/4/2004

Meeting held at Connie's house, October 4, 2004

Attendees at the meeting:
  • Stephanie Sanders
  • Connie Robinette
  • Karen Long
  • Dianne Britton
  • John Wetzel
  • Scott McCravy
  • Nancy Stone-Collum (via telephone)
Dianne opened the meeting by mentioning the need to update telephone and email information for all present.

Dianne mentioned that we have not had a meeting since may, and that Stephanie Sanders and Denys Proteau are now memebers of the board.

The status of Fred's letter to the city was discussed. As a result of that letter, and a personal note attached to it, written by Karen Long, the city has agreed to roll back our fees for the arsenal hill venue. Rather than returning funds already paid to the city, the city will allow the use of the hall "for free" until we are back where we would have been financially, had the rate not been raised. The fee for use of the hall will then return to the old $75 per event rate.

Due to a bat infestation, the Arsenal hill venue is not available for the upcoming dance next saturday. The group voted to accept the pacific park building as a substitute venue for the next dance.

The group agreed that Connie would submit a bill for telephone calls made to date (Arranging for bands/callers) so that she can be reimbursed. It was also agreed that she would purchase a long distance phone card, including that in the same bill, for use on future calls.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Dianne reported that Nancy had sent in the annual financial report.

Connie reviewed the lineup of bands and callers for the upcoming season, and was complimented for her diligence.

The viability of the new/current $7.00 entry fee was briefly discussed.

The board voted to change meeting days, for the time being, to Tuesdays instead of Mondays.

Dianne asked Stephanie to assist in maintaining and upgrading the membership list, and Stephanie agreed. Dianne will first organize the procedure to minimize the work.

Nancy reported that we currently have $305.25 in our coffers, plus $125 worth of "city credit" towards rental of city venues.

The board discussed the possibility of holding a special event, but decided informally not to pursue that possibility in the immediate future.

The board discussed the possibility of pursuing grants to build on some grant work that Dianne has already finished.

The meeting was adjourned.