Monday, July 2, 2007

Minutes 6/26/2007

Minutes of the June 26, 2007, meeting of COTMD Board, at Connie's house.

Attending: John Wetzel, Jesh Plumb, Connie Robinette, Lucy Gordon, Tim Sneed (H)706-860-2426/(C) 706-399-2477, Marguerite Frongillo, Fred Druseikis, Dianne Britton

Absent: Stephanie Sanders, Denys Proteau, Kenny Greer

The board members began gathering at 7pm to enjoy the wonderful pastry desert Connie prepared. The meeting started at 7:30pm.

John Wetzel agreed to act as secretary for this meeting.

The minutes of the previous meeting (November 2006) were reviewed. We discussed buisness cards for COTMD for advertising. We reviewd the previous discussion regarding the need for an email address and group list for COTMD. We discussed revisiting a possible venue at the State Museum. A motion to accept the old minutes was made and passed.

Treasurer's report was given: there is $909 in the checking account on 6/25/2007 and $28 in the kitty. Fred passed out a spreadsheet summarizing operating expenses for the last year. This was discussed. A motion to accept the treasurers report was made and passed.

Fred distributed information about possible changes to the existing web presence, to create a listserve. This was discussed. A motion to move the contracola website onto a web hosting service with appropriate capabilities was made and passed, details next meeting.

New Buisness

Discussed changing bylaws as regards number of at-large officers. A motion to recommend that the membership change the bylaws to allow up to 12 at large board members was made and passed. Bylaw changes require a vote of the membership, which will be done in September.

Discussed current venue, which is reserved September thru December 2007, on 2nd Saturdays, except for the third Saturday, September 15.

Discussion of training additional sound persons.

Discussion of training new callers.

Discussion of having more advanced dances during later stages of dance.

Motion for free admission to persons who only want to watch was made and passed.

Next meeting to be on Tuesday, August 28.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.

Minutes submitted by John Wetzel,

July 2, 2007