Thursday, December 15, 2011

Minutes 8/30/11

John Wetzel
Connie Robinette
Dianne Britton
Fred Druseikis
Lucy Gordon
Marguerite Frongillo
Virginia Winn (hostess)
Tim Piesch
Kenny Greer (via phone)
Stephanie and Scott McCravy

Previous minutes taken by Mary Jo will be sent out via email for the board to approve, as they are unavailable at this time.

Treasurer's Report: There is $1315.00 in the bank. Connie will need to be reimbursed for some long distance calls at the next meeting.

Outreach Report: A newsletter is now sent out two to three weeks before the dance, and the regular announcement is sent two to three days before the dance. The newsletter features different stories about callers, dancers, bands, etc, to encourage community development. Connie has Facebook and Twitter accounts that promote the dance as well.

Lucy's calculations purport that we need 49 dancers on average. All board members need to work on marketing and recruiting new dancers. Publicity needs to be separate from the Outreach Committee because it's too much for one committee. We need to figure out how to market to large groups like gymnasiums. Dianne suggests contacting Youth Ministries of churches. Actively pursuing, contacting, and marketing to potential new dancers is now an action item to be carried out by all board members.

Presidential Duties: John asked Dianne to work on a calendar that would list all the duties of the president that must meet deadlines. Another presidential duty will be to get the updated email list for board members after the elections.

The possibility of having an "extra" dance next season is deferred to the next meeting, scheduled for October 18, 2011.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08pm.

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