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October 23, 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

10/23/12 Board Meeting Minutes

Columbia Traditional Music and Dance


Dianne Britten
Fred Druseikis
Marguerite Frongillo
Lucy Gordon
Jacob LeGrone
Scott McCravy
Stephanie McCravy
Connie Robinette
John Wetzel
Virginia Winn

Order of Business

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by vote.

Treasurer’s Report:

Virginia reports that, as of this meeting, we have $1048.87 in our bank account, and $85.00 in cash. A discussion was held concerning the financial loss we incurred at the last dance. Reimbursement forms were passed out to Fred and John for expenditures made. Status of the Board Email List & Dancer Reminder Email list were discussed.

New Business:

1. There was discussion of officially raising and modifying the current rate for paying “out of town bands”. These rates were adjusted by supplying a new method of calculating the fee, with an upper limit and with the amount otherwise proportional to the distance traveled by the band to reach us. Travel compensation is thus built into each fee, and no travel adjustment is added on top of that, since the adjustment is already imbedded in the primary fee. Callers would continue to get compensation for travel at the usual rate. This change was voted on and approved by the board. Marguerite Frongillo (in charge of hiring bands and callers for this season) has the details of this new pricing policy in writing, and will supply a copy of this information to the president.

2. The possibility of sharing out of town bands with Lake Murray Contra dance was discussed and Dianne Britton, point of contact with Susan Fort, agreed to speak with Susan regarding outcome of the board’s discussion.

3. Jacob LeGrone broached the topic of lowering the cost of dance attendance for college students. While the financial risk for Columbia Traditional Music & Dance Group is considerable, the need for community building appeared to be greater. The dance lost a considerable sum of money at the October Contra dance. An increase in attendees would have helped make the dance break even.

The Board agreed to try a new rate for students for the November dance and see what happens. Students with an ID would attend the dance for $5.00 per person. "Students" to mean persons in possession of a valid and current student ID (high school or university). This change was voted on and approved by the board.

Members of the board asked that Jacob LeGrone, who is also a member of a group of USC student contra dancers, that he encourage this group of dancers/students to support our contra dance group by attending our monthly dance from November to June, and particularly, that this group consider the local COTMD dance community schedule when considering dates for visiting out of town dances as a group.

Jacob LeGrone and Virginia Winn were to work on fliers for on campus distribution.

Virginia Winn, Jacob LeGrone and Connie Robinette would have a meeting to discuss marketing.

Discussion ending, a motion was made to end the meeting. Motion passed and meeting adjourned.

Connie Robinette

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