Monday, September 18, 2017

Minutes, May 16, 2017

The meeting started at 7:35. We did not have callers to the conference bridge, so the call was terminated at 7:40.

Present: Virginia, Fred, Dianne, Natalie, Victor.

Minutes of the March meeting were approved as read and posted.

The Treasurer's report was discussed. We had a loss of $108 in March in $128 in April.

Our attendance in March was 35 dancers and 41 for April.

Old Business

  • No additional Board members yet
  • We are still trying to recruit students and other community members
  • There was no change in the efforts to improve our attendance. Victor is working on implementing the Facebook advertisement approved by the Board in March.
  • The old speaker were sold to Jonathan; payment is still pending.

New Business

  • Fee for Contrarians: the Board agreed to modify the agreed-to fee and then offset the difference by asking for donations
  • Election of Officers: officers were confirmed as established in previous meetings. Victor will remain as President, Marguerite as Vice-President, John as Secretary, and Virginia as Treasurer.
  • Appointment of Board Members: all Board members were voted back in.

Work In Progress

  • Mailchimp and newsletter: no report. We know that Mailchimp has been set-up successfully and that the newsletter have gone out.
  • Contra Dance Video: Aaron did an excellent job with the video and we have used it to promote dances.
  • [Victor] Buttons: we have not ordered these yet.
  • [Victor] Pot luck in July? The Board decided not to have the potluck in July (usually a low attendance dance). We will do another potluck perhaps in September.
  • [Victor/Aaron] New website: no report on this.
Next Meeting: July 11, 2017

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