Monday, September 25, 2000

Minutes 9/25/2000

Minutes of the 9/25/2000 meeting (approved 1/8/2001):

The meeting was begun by obtaining the names of those present, to wit:

Connie Robinette
Dianne Britton
Marilynn Knight
Jonathan Gieseler
Debbie Alvey
Jodie Gochenauer
John Wetzel
Arnold Karr

Next, the previous meeting was "rehashed", it having consisted of the process of finalizing / approving the bylaws, and establishing the summer schedule, IE. no dances until October.

Next, Jonathan reported on the status of the COTMD treasury. It currently consists of $480 dolllars and odd change. Jonathan will investigate the possibility of establishing a checking account for the organization.

Next, the dance schedule was reviewed. The schedule itself is posted on the COTMD website.

Next, the group decided to charge six dollars for the next dance, due to the larger than normal anticipated costs for that dance.

Next, the election of officers was initiated, with the particular purpose of enabling the continuation of the COTMD process towards achievment of official non-profit status under the imprimature of the CDSS. The following persons were nominated and elected to various offices:

Jonathan Giesler -- TREASURUR
Dianne Britton -- PRESIDENT
Jodie Gochenauer -- VICE PRESIDENT
John Wetzel -- SECRETARY

Next, the following persons were elected as Board Members (at large):

Connie Robinette
Marilynn Knight
Debbie Alvey

Next, Jonathan requested a complete listing of COTMD "physical assets", together with their estimated value.

Next, the group discussed possible criteria for membership in COTMD. John Wetzel formally proposed the following:

  • Yearly membership shall be obtained by paying a fee of $25
  • The normal (routine) door fee for a dance will now be $6
  • Anyone who is a COTMD member in good standing is intitled to two dollars off the door fee charged to all others, thus members will generally pay only $4 at the door per person.
The proposal was seconded, voted on and was approved, making the above official COTMD policy until and unless changed in the future.

Next, the group voted to change the duration of the typical or routine dance event from 7:30/11:00 (the previous standard) to 7:00/10:30 (the current standard).

Finally, the group agreed that future meetings of COTMD are to be held bimonthly, on even numbered months, on the first Monday of those months, at an exact time and place to be established and publicized by Dianne Britton via the COTMD website.