Monday, January 8, 2001

Minutes 1/8/2001

Minutes of the 1/8/01 meeting ( approved March 3, 2001):

The COTMD meeting for January began with a review of the previous meeting.

* The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved by a vote.

* COTMD expenses, as printed on a spreadsheet report, were reviewed. The layout of the spreadsheet, and it's terminology was explained. This spreadsheet comprised the treasurer's report.

* A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report. The motion was seconded, and approved by vote.

* The current status of the upcoming dance schedule was reviewed and discussed. Included was discussion of the continuing problem of "venue hopping". It was suggested that someone look into the availability/suitability of the American Legion Hall. Thanks to Debbie Sample, we may be able to use Ebenezer Lutheran Church for the May dance.

* A suggestion was made, to wit: Add mention of the need for all dancers to bring and wear soft soled shoes, such mention to be included in all print and internet ads and notices.

* Discussion of other possible changes to COTMD website, including whether to list therein the fact that children are to be admitted to dances free, up to the age of thirteen. It was agreed that we would give that information out when asked, but would not advertise it in any print media since we don't have facilities to handle lots of children.

* COTMD bylaw revisions, as suggested by the Country song and dance society, were discussed, and approved by vote.

* A discussion concerning the possibility of allowing one or more persons to be granted membership on the basis of services rendered (in lieu of payments which would otherwise be required) occurred. Meeting participants decided to think this issue over until the next meeting, at which point the issue might be formally addressed.

* A discussion concerning the possibility of having a dance in June. It was informally decided that a dance would be held, subject to the acquisition of access to a suitable (air conditioned) venue.

* A motion was made to change the standard meeting times to the first Monday of ODD months (had been EVEN months). The motion was approved by vote.

* A motion was made to keep the Cafe Strudel as the designated meeting place for the immediate future. The motion was approved.

* The meeting was adjourned.

The following persons attended the subject meeting:

Dianne Britton
Ann Cargill
Glenn White
Jodie Gochnauer
John Wetzel
Teri Siskind
Nancy Stone-Collum
Debbie Samples