Saturday, March 3, 2001

Minutes 3/3/2001

MINUTES: The COTMD meeting for March (March 3, 2001)

The following persons were present:
Dianne Britton
Connie Robinette
Jodie Gochenauer
John Wetzel
Debbie Samples

* The meeting began with a review of the previous meeting.

* The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved by a vote.

* COTMD expenses, as printed on a spreadsheet report, were reviewed. This month showed a net gain of $5 in available funds. This spreadsheet comprised the treasurer's report.

* A motion was made to accept the treasurur's report. The motion was seconded, and approved by vote.

* The current status of the upcoming dance schedule was reviewed and discussed. As of this time, the venue for May and June is not set. The decision was made to wait for additional information, notably, at least one experience at the Lutheran Church Hall, before making any decisions.

* Dianne notified the group that she would not be present at the April dance, and noted that at least one of us needed to be at the site at 6:00 PM.

* The decision was made that the secretary of this organization would send a card to the Trenholm Road church, thanking them for their continued support vis-a-vis the use of their facilities without financial renumeration.

* Dianne briefly and informally outlined some "perks" available from CDSS, for example, priority for group leaders at CDSS affiliated or sponsored dance camps, such as Pinewoods.

* A brief discussion was held to create a nominating committee. This comittee is concerned with nominating candidates for future elections, these elections being for officers and for five members-at-large. The decision was made that this committee would be comprised of Dianne, Connie, Debbie and Jody, and would meet via email.

* It was imformally decided, after discussion, that email adresses would be requested of dancers (potential COTMD members) at each dance.

* A brief discussion of the nature of our "electorate" and "membership" was held, the problem being that many dancers come only once or infrequently, and very few are interested in participating politically, or helping the organization to exist and prosper.

* A brief discussion was held concerning the nature of the term "dues", with particular attention to the possibility of allowing the substitution of some defined amount of service (to COTMD and it's events) for payment of dues in the form of money. The secretary (John) offered to create a written definition of the term "dues" that would define the term as being either a given sum of money, or a given amount of service, with the idea that this definition could then be voted on formally at some future meeting.

* A discussion was held concerning how and where to notify people of elections. It was decided that election notices would be distributed via email and by public announcement at dances. It was also decided that the next election would be held at the May meeting of this board.

* The meeting was adjourned.