Monday, May 7, 2001

Minutes 5/7/2001

MINUTES: The COTMD meeting for May (May 7, 2001)

The following persons were present:
Dianne Britton
Connie Robinette
Jodie Gochenauer
John Wetzel
Nancy Stone Collum
Glenn White
Ann Cargill
Marilynn Knight
Teri Siskind

* The meeting began with a review of the previous meeting.

* The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved by a vote.

* COTMD expenses were reviewed. The treasury has a total of $428.35 worth of available funds, after current debts totaling $150.00 have been paid out.

* A motion was made to accept the treasurur's report. The motion was seconded, and approved by vote.

* The current status of the upcoming dance schedule was reviewed and discussed. As of this time, the venue for May and June has been finalized. The venue is Arsenal hill, and funds for this future usage have already been paid out, so as to reserve the facility.

* The vote for officers and board members was conducted. Voting results are:
President: Dianne Britton
Vice President: Connie Robinette
Secretary: John Wetzel
Treasurer: Nancy Stone-Collum
Board-members-at-large: Karen Long, Debbie Samples, Teri Siskind, and Glenn White

It was noted that the above will take office on July 1, 2001

* A brief discussion was held on the subject of problems relating to contracts, whether with bands, callers, or venue organizations.

* A discussion was held about the possibility of making minor change to the bylaws, particularly with regard to definition of the duties of the person elected to the position of vice-president.

* Additional discussion (a continuation of a discussion initiated at the previous meeting) was held concerning the nature of the term "dues", with particular attention to the possibility of allowing the substitution of some defined amount of service (to COTMD and its events) for payment of dues in the form of money. It was argued that actually defining the term "dues" has the effect of limiting the options and flexibility currently available to the organization. The discussion did not result in any formal motions or decisions, but the informal consensus seemed to be that the status quo was to be left unchanged for at least the immediate future.

* It was briefly noted that the dance schedule will be closed over the summer (as previously planned) and that a summer get together or festivity of some sort might be organized. Dianne Britton agreed to become the organizer of this possible event, and will begin by determining the probable best date and venue for such an event.

* Meeting atendees were reminded that the next meeting will be on September 10 of 2001, at the same time and place as the current meeting (Cafe Strudel).

* The meeting was adjourned.