Monday, September 10, 2001

Minutes 9/10/2001

MINUTES: The COTMD meeting for September (September 10, 2001)

The following persons were present:
Dianne Britton
Connie Robinette
John Wetzel
Nancy Stone Collum
Glenn White
Ann Cargill
Teri Siskind
Karen Long
Debbie Samples
Jonathan Giesler

* The meeting began with a review of the previous meeting.

* The minutes of the previous meeting were then approved by a vote.

* COTMD expenses were reviewed. The treasury has a total of $499.25 of available funds.

* A brief discussion was held, the subject of which was the transfer of signature authority. During this discussion it was also decided that the group would rent the Arsenal Hill hall in advance (for the next two months).

* A motion was made to accept the treasurur's report. The motion
was seconded, and approved by vote.

* The current status of the upcoming dance schedule was reviewed and discussed. As of this time, the venue for October and November is set (ie. Arsenal Hill).

* A document, titled "Proposed clarification of the by-laws regarding membership and voting privileges" was presented by Dianne Britton, and was approved by vote without any changes.

* Because of the demise of the "home" for the previous COTMD website, the new website is (at least temporarily) at and is hosted by Fred and Dianne.

* A discussion was held regarding the need for new members, and the possibility of a COTMD "membership Czar" was also discussed, but with no outcome.

* The issue of "membership Czar" led to a discussion for the need of a "Water Jar czar". Glenn volunteered.

* The need for a specific person to set up the table for each dance was discussed. The decision was made that this would be done by the treasurer, with help from any free hands among the officers or members present at the early stages of a given dance.

* The meeting was adjourned.