Friday, August 21, 2009

Website Setup Overview

Our organization's domain is "", and links to our website.  In the interest of using free resources as much as possible while allowing the board members to easily contribute, we have reorganized our web setup, basing it mostly on a Google account, as outlined in this brief overview.

Our organization's Google account name is "contracola". The contracola password is not to be shared outside the COTMD Board and is changed periodically.

The Google account is used to access a number of services:
  • GMail (email) - or
  • Blogger (replacing former website) - (schedule, directions, dance info, dance announcements) and (bylaws, minutes, board-related stuff) - these will eventually be named as subdomains of
  • Google Calendar (calendar) - accessible after logging into Google
  • Google Docs (documents) - accessible after logging into Google
  • Picasa Web Albums (photos) - accessible after logging into Google
  • Google Groups (mailing list) - accessible after logging into Google
When another third-party service provider is involved, we set up a similarly-named account. And example is the service provider for our "Contact Us" form:
There are/will be separate articles on how we use these various services.

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