Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Minutes 8/18/2009

Connie Robinette
John Wetzel
Marguerite Frongillo
Lucy Gordon
Virginia Winn
Fred Druseikis
Dianne Britton
Stephanie and Scott McCravy

Host: Connie Robinette

Previous minutes were accepted as written.

Treasurer's report indicated we had a net profit of $342 with $954 in the bank account. Dianne paid $160 with her credit card and was later reimbursed from the treasury. All treasury paraphernalia passed to Scott, as he is the new treasurer. The board decided that both John and Scott's names should be on the CDSS account, while Scott's home would be the mailing address. The dance halls have been paid through January. Treasurer's report accepted by board.

Lucy and Virginia reported their progress with the Community Development Committee. Ideas included doing demo dances to increase awareness and understanding, setting up a public relations table at every dance, actively helping newcomers during breaks or in workshop, asking people to donate food for the dances and following up such donations with thankyou notes to encourage a sense of community. In addition, we should also try to arrange other activities as a community. Their overall goal is to make people feel like members, not guests, so that they will invest more into our dance community.

Dianne then presented her powerpoint presentation of the new website/blog. The site performs all the tasks we need much more efficiently than the old website. We are able to upload pictures, post bulletins and announcements, manage email, and post business information for board members. Lucy and Virginia agreed to answer email queries. Motion to accept the website plan was passed.

Our final agenda item dealt with our issues with Parks and Recreation. The fact that we take money at the door is causing some problems with renting the hall from Parks and Recreation. Should we pursue the issue with P&R or simply try to find a new place to hold the dances? John's suggestion is that we do both, since it is difficult to find a non-City building to rent. Lucy suggested that we find an ally on the City Council who will help resolve our issues with Parks and Recreation. In the meantime, all board members are on the look-out for prospective new venues. John set forth our requirements and agreed to email us with said qualifications.

The next board meeting is tentatively set for October 20, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 9:51PM.

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