Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Add Members to the ContraCola Mailing List

1. Log in at as the contracola user. (Or if you are already logged into, type "" in the address bar of your browser, and hit "Enter".)

2. Click on "My Groups", then click on the "Manage" link under "Columbia Traditional Music and Dance".

3. Under Members (on the left-hand side of the page), click on "Direct add members".

4. Enter the new email addresses in the "Enter email addresses to add as members" box.  Include each person's name (enclosed in double-quotes) and email address (enclosed in angle brackets). You can add several people at once (up to 10 at a time), one person per line, with a comma between each person:

"John Smith" <>,
"Jane Doe" <>

5. In the "Write a welcome message" box enter text similar to "This is a general announcement list. You will normally get only one or two emails each month, one of which will be a reminder for the upcoming dance."

6. Make sure the radio button for "All email: send each message as it arrives" is checked.

7. Click the "Add members" button.

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