Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minutes 11/10/09

Stephanie and Scott McCravy
John Wetzel
Dianne Britton
Fred Druseikis
Virginia Winn
Connie Robinette (hostess)

Previous minutes approved.

Connie reported that the schedule looks good regarding bands and callers.

We briefly discussed the musician outreach idea and decided that John, Connie, Fred, and Dianne would continue to head/develop such a committee.

John will take care of the Form 990 situation, which requires submission of a statement regarding our financial gross within three months of our fiscal year. This would mean that the statement needed to be submitted by October. John also suggested we set some kind of reminder in place so that this form get filed on time.

Treasurer's Report: We currently have $658, and we need over $700 for hall and organization fees. As a result, we will defer any extraneous spending. Treasurer's Report approved.

Website Status:
Dianne reported that the website looks good and the transition is going well. The emails are in the system, and Dianne can inform others on the board on how to add emails and send out announcements. She will continue to do the announcements and the Q & A portion of the website.

Community Development/Membership Committee:
Virginia and Lucy are still collecting and updating emails. Virginia provided samples of the outreach CDs that may require editing. There is also a signup sheet for volunteers at the community development table in addition to email signup. We discussed splitting the Publicity Committee from the Community Committee, but as of now there are not enough people to split these functions up.

Fred discovered that the Free Times are not so free for people wanting to place ads, so that venue is not viable for our organization. We discussed Public Service Announcements as another publicity device, but those are not viable either. However, WUSC is run by students at their own discretion, so perhaps Marina could plug COTMD when she is on-air. Fred and Dianne agreed to ask her opinion on this idea.

Reunion Dance:
Fred suggested that we use the idea of a reunion dance but not the function. Essentially we would promote one of our regularly scheduled dances as a "Reunion Dance" to hopefully bring out dancers whom we haven't seen for a time, while giving our regular dance a little something extra. We decided to dig up the old email list to send out to board members, so we could all go through the names and compile a new list with updated information of former regulars to notify.

Our next meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2009.

Meeting adjourned at 8:56PM.

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