Friday, July 31, 2015

Minutes, June 30, 2015

ContraCola Board
Meeting Minutes, June 30, 2015 - not yet approved

Meeting came to order: 7:45 pm

Present: Virginia, Marguerite, John, Fred, Dianne, Sandra, Connie (by phone)

Minutes approved.
Reimbursements: none.
Dancers' email list: up-to-date.

Treasurer's report was combined with an analysis of our situation.  Predicted balance for end of June, including estimate of income/expenses for June dance, is $2162.  We had a seasonal loss of $512, which would have been $805 had we not received extra donations.  The extra dance at the end of April was a "wash".  Given our current treasury balance and a loss
rate of approximately $50 per dance, we can operate for another 4 years.

Treasurer's report was approved with amendments to be submitted.

We decided not to change the policy regarding bands and rates.  We plan to combine local bands for a fifth date -- i.e., for the season, five out-of-town bands, two dates each for two local bands, and the combined band on another date.

Marguerite will rewrite the booking policy to be posted on the website.  Connie to continue doing Facebook and social media.

Motion passed: Due to the time crush, we are abandoning the proposed survey for summer dances and we will hold a dance event with caller workshop on the third Saturdays of July and August.

"Dance Etiquette" draft was presented to the Board for posting on the website.  The draft will go out to the board via email for comments to be returned to Victor.  It was suggested that the title be changed from "Dance Etiquette" to "Responsible Conduct".

John brought up whether we should buy a caller platform, and a couple of designs were discussed.  Motion passed: Purchase a two-step stool for approximately $30.

Signatures were added to the thank you letter to the Methodist Church on Heyward Street.  The letter thanks the church for the use of the facilities.  Virginia will deliver the letter to the church.

There is additional parking for the Emerald Ballroom directly across the street.  Virginia will make a sign with the words "More parking" and an arrow.

We discussed the problem of inebriated dancers.  Any confrontation needs to be motivated by behavior or visible evidence of alcohol.  Any such problem will be addressed on an as-needed basis.

Adjourned: 9:30 pm
Next meeting: 8/18/2015

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